Richmond Virginia is one of the most beautiful cities to live in! However, just like every city in America, scrap metal, copper and other HVAC equipment is highly valued by thieves looking to make a quick buck.  As difficult as you would think it might be to actually steal your outdoor condenser, (condensing unit) it is easier than you would think and it can take virtually no time to do it. It is vitally important to protect your investment, not to mention, no one wants to go without air conditioning for any length of time in the dead of summer.  Anderson Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. offers a great option that is completely affordable. As shown in the picture above, we offer the installation of an extremely sturdy cage with a deadbolt and provide you with 2 keys. Some of our customers have us keep one key so we can service it whenever needed. This is, of course, optional on your part. We offer them in varying sizes to accommodate any condenser. They are attractive and offer the upmost in security. There are also decorative casing options to hide the cage and give a more garden feel.  Call us today for pricing and installation options at 804-231-6053!